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June 2, 2012

louis vuitton – the iconic bags

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Some bags seem destined for stardom. Though they are our ordinary, everyday companions, there is absolutely nothing ordinary or everyday about them. These bags have style – and more than style. A spirit. Perhaps even a soul. Some have an illustrious past. They have accompanied the twists and turns of history, elegantly outlasted the vagaries of time and trends. Others have written their own success story, achieving cult status almost overnight. All have a sense of identity so strong that – while they may adopt different sizes, colours or materials – their essence remains unchanged. These bags are individuals. It is only natural, therefore, that we should know them by their name. Speedy, Alma, Neverfull, Noé, SaumurLouis Vuitton presents it’s icons.

An icon among icons, the Speedy was launched in 1930, it’s shape reflected the prevailing passion for elegantly fusing form and function. In it’s multiple modern incarnations – the complete, quintessential city bag: roomy yet never bulky, feminine but not girly, sublimely understated and utterly sophisticated.

This most parisienne of icons, the Alma‘s bold, architectural lines, inspired by the Art Deco movement, are as modern now as they were almost a century ago.

Never was a bag more aptly named. The Neverfull is the consummate holdall, always willing to welcome that extra item, be it a laptop or a magazine, a cardigan or a baby’s bottle. In the city, on the beach, folded flat in luggage just in case, the Neverfull is never out of place.

Noé: a timelessly simple, pleated shape, supple and spacious, closed with a distinctive leather drawstring. In the intervening decades, the Noé has carried countless treasures in addition to champagne.

Oh, the eternal allure of the equestrian! Named after the city of Saumur and its world-famous riding school, this thoroughbred design nods to the shape of a horse’s saddle. Derived from a hunter’s game bag, its two compartments, sturdily buckled together at the side, and its casual cross-body strap, make it the perfect choice for women who stride through life with style and spirit, bringing to their every movement an equestrian’s nonchalant grace.

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