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July 30, 2012

paris hilton cozy with conor mccreedy?


Conor Mccreedy with Paris Hilton

Rumour has it that newly single Paris Hilton is on the prowl for a new man after her recent split from. The hotel heiress was recently seen with South African artist, Conor Mccreedy at a private party thrown by Blackstone chairman Steve Schwarzman and his wife, Christine, at his St. Tropez mansion. “She is the most fabulous soft spoken sweetheart. She always looks and feels incredible,” says Mccreedy. There are discussions that a hot sexy portrait in the Mccreedy Blue style is in line for a new show, but could there be more to it, we’ll just have to wait and see. According to the New York Post, “Paris was spotted talking to a handsome mystery man”, Conor?. “She is so sweet to me,” Conor continued. Now in Europe, Conor is looking forward to visiting his home country for a bit of summer sun.

April 19, 2012

conor mccreedy – african ocean

Conor Mccreedy Paintings 02

South African artist Conor Mccreedy recently opened his latest exhibition ‘African Ocean‘ at The Charles Bank Gallery in New York, a series of paintings inspired by his birthplace, South Africa. “Some of the artworks have been created on the finest Belgian and French linen primed with rabbit skin glue. I have also created artwork on old giant windows with glass and chains still intact, which I obtained from abandoned Soho lofts, other pieces have been painted on wooden boards,” says McCreedy about “African Ocean“. Conor explains that he has grown and evolved as an artist in his latest exhibition, souring beyond portraiture to explore unchartered waters in new-expressionism and abstraction. Drawing inspiration from his travels through Africa, he will always have a connection to his heritage in South Africa. “The raw power and mysterious void of the ocean is my inspiration and message“, Conor talks about his time spent with in the African bush with grown male lions who’s powerful energy complimented their majestic calmness and places that thought next to images of where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet at Cape Point, “The “African Oceans” series has been inspired by my personal archive of explosive, emotional and haunting imagery“. Unique to this exhibition is the use of photography, in only one piece, “I have used it in this exhibition to give an example from my photographic series which combines my photography with my blue pigments,” says Mccreedy. “The blue pigment that I use conveys a sense of ambiguity. It is a unique substance out of which almost elemental water emerges as I combine it with more: rich mixed pigment, acrylic mixer, and thickener. It is both endless and finite.” His installation at The Charles Bank Gallery will run until 24 April 2012 and on 25 April 2012 his work will be exhibited at The Blue Building on East 46th Street, New York.

Conor Mccreedy Paintings 01

Visit to view his thought provoking and inspiring work. Follow Conor on Twitter and Facebook.

April 17, 2012

talking secrets with conor mccreedy

Conor Mccreedy

South African born artist Conor Mccreedy, now living predominantly in New York City has been painting all his life and has created his own signature blue colour. I had the opportunity to talk to him in New York by phone and asked him about his signature blue, “It’s my blue, ‘Mccreedy Blue’ and it’s my own colour. I love it because it makes me happy, it’s a beautiful colour, it’s my favourite colour. It symbolizes the ocean, it symbolizes life. I’m inspired by life and ocean,” says Mccreedy. The most notable thing about talking to Conor is his ‘passion’, he is by nature full of life and energy and you can’t help but get swept away a little by this, not only for his amazing artwork, but his ambition and drive. Not afraid to push boundaries and break rules with his artwork, Conor respects his work for what it is and not what it should be or what society or critics expect it to be. Now, 25, he is poised to venture outside of his artistic world to explore other creative avenues whilst still keeping his feet firmly grounded in his true passion, painting. He discussed a film prospect as well as a visit home in the next few months. Certainly a Proudly South African man, Conor has become somewhat of an ambassador for South African arts, paying tribute to Africa in his work and in his life. His love of the African landscape and nature is undeniable as he lights up when surrounded by nature. Inspired by the ocean, the African bush and wildlife, his latest exhibition is aptly titled “African Ocean” which is currently being shown at The Charles Bank Gallery in New York. “I’m always working, right now I’m not painting because my show is on, but I’m drawing in journals every night, I have a little book and I do sketches,” says Mccreedy. Conor is proud to have one of his paintings added to the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art today! Secret: He mentioned as a tidbit that he inherited his defined chin from his great great grandfather, Sir Theophilis Shepstone, and Conor is the only one in his family to have been given that particular trait since.

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All images courtesy of Conor Mccreedy.