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February 19, 2012

catch-up with adriaan bergh, mr south africa 2011

Adriaan Bergh Mr South Africa 2011

I caught up with Mr South Africa 2011, Adriaan Bergh at Jan van Riebeek Primary School and had the pleasure of listening in on one of his motivational messages during his school tour of South Africa sponsored by You, Drum & Huisgenoot magazines. Bergh, 24 years old, is currently studying BSc Honours Quantity Surveying degree at Tuks, during his reign as Mr SA 2011. Passionate about getting involved in charities and developing kids in sports and in life, Bergh embarked on a tour of schools on 17 January 2012 to motivate kids to “Dream It To Live It“, visiting more than 50 schools, reaching over 30 000 learners. Adriaan was proud to tell me that they have supposed all expectations on this tour reaching far more kids than initially expected. Drawing inspiration from his travels, sporting & academic achievements and personal life, Bergh teaches kids that with hard work, dedication and prayer, dreams can come true and that it all starts with yourself.

Adriaan also supports Friends of Child Protection, a registered charity organisation that assists the South African Police Service and it’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit.

We chatted about his time as Mr South Africa 2011 and his plans after he passes on the title to Mr SA 2012 is a few months and it’s clear that he is still as driven as ever to be not only a role model for others, but also to be the best person he can be. With his family playing a very import an role in his life, Bergh mentioned to me that anytime available to spend with his family is treasured and even with a busy schedule as Mr SA, he did mention a (lucky) woman in his life. His dedication to his work and his family is undeniable – Mr SA 2012 will have rather large boots to fill.

Watch Adriaan’s rap video, ‘Next Level’ on YouTube. Follow Adriaan Bergh on twitter , Facebook or visit his website.

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