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August 5, 2012

justin bieber chats to top billing

My Top Billing Dream 2012 - Lauren Blackwell, Justin Bieber

Join Top Billing this week for an interview with one of the biggest stars on the planet, Justin Bieber! Top 5 My Top Billing Dream contestant, Lauren Blackwell flies to Australia to meet him in person before he arrives on African soil next year.

“He was very professional and down-to-earth,” says Lauren. “Definitely not the diva that the press makes him out to be. He was so easy to talk to. The best part by far was being serenaded by him – it is pretty much the best thing that has happened in the last few years of my life.”

Tune in this Tuesday, 07 August 2012 at 8pm on SABC3 to catch this young superstar chat to Top Billing about fame, his mom and inspiring people. You might get treated to a special serenade too!

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