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April 15, 2012

talking secrets with bjorn steinbach

Bjorn Steinbach

South African actor, Bjorn Steinbach joined me to talk about his career as an actor and upcoming play, ‘The Line‘. After graduating high school and studying Psychology at the University of Cape Town, Steinbach moved on to study acting six years ago and has not looked back, “It’s the only thing I can imagine myself doing” says Bjorn. “I like them both for different reasons. Stage is a much more full experience as an actor because you have to take the story and it’s just you on the stage and maybe some other actors. In film, you’re part of a much bigger team… everyone needs to be on par to make the whole thing good” and sums up his preferences to film and theatre as “On a macro level, stage and on a micro level“. As with most actors, Steinbach has been cast to portray characters who’s ideals and morals are far removed his own, “you can’t judge the character” he says, explaining his process to dealing with these roles. In 2008, Bjorn got his first US break on HBO‘s Generation Kill, an original 7 part mini-series and can be seen in a number of South African films since.

It’s his love for theatre that brought him to his latest stage production, ‘The Line‘ with co-stars Leon Clingman, Marlisa Doubell, Gavin Werner, Aidan Whytock and directed by Yvonne Copley. The longest running play in New York by Israel Horovitz, this one-act, one hour comedy is brought to Cape Town by Sugar-daddy Theatre Company and will run at The Little Theatre in Cape Town. ‘The Line‘ centers around five people waiting in a queue, all are desperate to get first place in line, though unsure what each other is waiting for. A character-driven play making a profound statement about society and human behaviour, Bjorn plays a flamboyant ‘wanna-be’ genius, ‘Stephen’, who always seems to get first in line. Comedy and drama ensues as they argue, trick, fight, and betray each other to get ahead in the line. “I’ve been watching a lot of very heavy theatre in Cape Town that’s been tough and hard to watch and I was really excited by this prospect,” says Steinbach about ‘The Line‘, “It’s sort of a metaphor about society, however it’s completely clouded in comedy, but if you really want to look deeper you can find much deeper things about how people try to be first.” – Secret about Bjorn Steinbach, “I love escapist movies, especially children’s movies” with ‘The Lion King’ as his favorite movie of all time.

The Line‘ opens at The Little Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town on 18 April 2012 and will run until 28 April 2012. Tickets available through Computicket at R80 (Students/Pensioners R60). Additional photos from this interview at JustForTheNostalgia on Facebook.