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March 18, 2013

atelier aha art & culture venue launch

AHA Atelier Launch, Natalie Becker, Marc Lottering, Tanya Nefdt, Bjorn Steinbach, Sue Duminy, Thandie Kupe (by Denzil Jacobs)

With performances by Charles Tertiens, Errol Dyers Quartet, iKapa Dance Theatre, Roger Lucey and an art exhibition by Andrew Hart Adler, the Atelier AHA Art & Culture Venue launched on 02 March 2013 in Cape Town. Hosted by actress Natalie Becker, guests including Sue Duminy, Marc Lottering, Bjorn Steinbach, Karisa Nicholls, Colin Moss, Thandie Kupe and myself were invited to indulge in canapé s, wine, art and theatrical performances.

Special thanks to Hilton Weiner for dressing me for this event.

November 23, 2012

conor mccreedy “selected works” art exhibition

Conor Mccreedy Art Exhibition, Ernie Els Wine Estate, Peta Eggierth-Symes, Jackie Wiese, Jacob Wiese (by Denzil Jacobs)

Last night Conor Mccreedy hosted his art exhibition, “Selected Works 2006-2012” at Ernie Els Wine Estate. Guests including Peta Eggierth-Symes (for Pallu) and Jackie & Jacob Wiese were invited to enjoy Ernie Els wines and canapés while enjoying the scenic winelands and live entertainment. Paying tribute to one of South Africa’s most talented artists, guests had the opportunity to own selected Conor Mccreedy original works with proceeds from the auction going to charity. It was certainly an evening of art and luxury in true Mccreedy Blue style.

Conor Mccreedy Exhibition (by Denzil Jacobs)

Pictured above: “The Crowned Ballerina” (oils on pigment on Belgian linen) sold for R105 000 to a private collector, “Rianne’s Hair” (pigments and oils on Belgian linen) sold for R50 000 and a rare unseen and exclusive early 2006 work titled “Masai Mara” (oils on canvas) sold to a private collector.

For more information go to or follow Conor on Twitter.

April 19, 2012

conor mccreedy – african ocean

Conor Mccreedy Paintings 02

South African artist Conor Mccreedy recently opened his latest exhibition ‘African Ocean‘ at The Charles Bank Gallery in New York, a series of paintings inspired by his birthplace, South Africa. “Some of the artworks have been created on the finest Belgian and French linen primed with rabbit skin glue. I have also created artwork on old giant windows with glass and chains still intact, which I obtained from abandoned Soho lofts, other pieces have been painted on wooden boards,” says McCreedy about “African Ocean“. Conor explains that he has grown and evolved as an artist in his latest exhibition, souring beyond portraiture to explore unchartered waters in new-expressionism and abstraction. Drawing inspiration from his travels through Africa, he will always have a connection to his heritage in South Africa. “The raw power and mysterious void of the ocean is my inspiration and message“, Conor talks about his time spent with in the African bush with grown male lions who’s powerful energy complimented their majestic calmness and places that thought next to images of where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet at Cape Point, “The “African Oceans” series has been inspired by my personal archive of explosive, emotional and haunting imagery“. Unique to this exhibition is the use of photography, in only one piece, “I have used it in this exhibition to give an example from my photographic series which combines my photography with my blue pigments,” says Mccreedy. “The blue pigment that I use conveys a sense of ambiguity. It is a unique substance out of which almost elemental water emerges as I combine it with more: rich mixed pigment, acrylic mixer, and thickener. It is both endless and finite.” His installation at The Charles Bank Gallery will run until 24 April 2012 and on 25 April 2012 his work will be exhibited at The Blue Building on East 46th Street, New York.

Conor Mccreedy Paintings 01

Visit to view his thought provoking and inspiring work. Follow Conor on Twitter and Facebook.