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September 11, 2013

‘crossley & webb’ to launch investment showroom

Crossley and Webb to launch in South Africa (Denzil Jacobs)

Crossley & Webb is set to become Cape Town’s premier automotive investment destination with the upcoming launch of their 1400 square meter showroom facility in the trendy Wembley Square precinct. On track to launch in October 2013, the historic red-brick building is currently being transformed into a world class investment grade auto-trading and lifestyle centre. The masterminds behind this unique venture are experienced motoring enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Gareth Crossley and Bryan Webb, both of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Supercar and classic car investments to local and international investors. “International trends, matched to our experience have shown that there is a rapidly growing local and international demand for selected classic cars, resulting in meaningful capital gains for our clients. Acquiring a classic can often be a passionate decision because the buyer just has to have it, however if the right car is bought and maintained, it will not only offer many hours of motoring pleasure but act as a real investment alternative. The detailed knowledge and reach of our team allows us to present specific propositions so that our clients can truly experience the joy of motoring,” comments Bryan. “To elegantly cater for the lifestyle requirements of our clients and allow them to spend time with their prized possessions, we will also offer a state of the art boardroom and meeting facilities, not to mention a designer Truth coffee bar, serving up the best coffee in town,” says Gareth.

With Cape Town set to celebrate its recognition as The Design Capital of the World in 2014, the Crossley & Webb showroom is on track to become a visual and acoustic highlight on everyone’s agenda, and going forward will establish itself as the Supercar and classic car investment hub of South Africa.


December 10, 2011

missibaba christmas market 09-10 Dec 2011



Missibaba Market

It was the Missibaba Christmas Market this weekend at the Palms Centre, Woodstock, Cape Town with an enticing selection of fashion, jewellery and lifestyle brands. Online store, Spence did not disappoint with a selection of accessories and clothing and even jewellery, while Moonbasket offered a rather unique collection of crocheted earrings, necklaces, vases, lampshades and other home accessories made from hemp and cotton.Amazing illustrations by Skinny LaminxJoya Jewelery and more offered a variety leaving everyone spoiled for choice at this unique market.

Missibaba Market 02

The food market catered for the savory and sweet-tooth with the incredibly delicious hand-made ice-cream from The Creamery and specially selected confectionary by Ma Mere (ps. their macaroons are delish!!). While Mykonos Taverna were on hand for delicious veg & feta cabbala, Bombay Sapphire Gin took care of the drinks.

Missibaba Market 03

Fashion, food, drinks and good company at this market, go to JustForTheNostalgia on Facebook for more pics and tag yourself if you were there!

Missibaba Market 04