greg kriek & khanya ngumbela talk about their journey on “my top billing dream”

My Top Billing Dream - Greg Kriek (by Denzil Jacobs)

It was a big surprise to SABC3‘s My Top Billing Dream reality show viewers last week when two contestants were eliminated. I sat down with Greg Kriek and Khanya Ngumbela to chat about their Top Billing experiences. Juggling both the Top Billing presenter search auditions and a philanthropic initiative, Greg Kriek found himself in the midst of a safari when he received the call from Top Billing that led to him receiving the news that he had been selected from thousands of hopefuls to be a part of the Top 10. Shortly thereafter, Greg checked in to his hotel room at the 15 On Orange Hotel to join the Top 10 contestants and the roller-coaster began. With his background in production, direction and acting, Greg embraced this new opportunity with both hands, “My whole Top Billing experience, everything was a debut for me, from the oysters to walking on a runway.” says Greg, “My motto and my vision in life is to use the platform of entertainment and media to empower others.” We spoke about the publicity that My Top Billing Dream has afforded him, “You know, going for a walk on the beach and having people say “Greg, I’m rooting for you”, for me that is a sign that I am walking in the right direction.” Given a opportunity to train as a director on Top Billing after being eliminated, Greg’s journey has certainly opened doors not only for him, but also organizations like the Happy Feet Foundation which he is involved in, “In reflection, exposure with Happy Feet, to me that is gold! To me it’s the grand prize.”

My Top Billing Dream - Khanya Ngumbela (by Denzil Jacobs)

Khanya Ngumbela gracefully shared a bit of background about herself, highlighting her previous presenting and modeling experience and her decision to audition, “I thought, let me bring what I’ve got and let’s see if they like it.” says Khanya. She described the moment she was told that she made the Top 10 as a whirlwind of emotion and excitement, “It was wonderful, so surreal.” In a competition environment, it can tough and straining, Khanya took another approach to this, “I said to myself, I need to compete against myself, I need to give my all and showcase myself in the best light.” About her elimination last week, Khanya remains positive and grateful for the opportunity she was given and worked toward, “Even though I’m out right now, I don’t feel like I’ve lost. I’ve grown as a person and a presenter.”

Catch the My Top Billing Dream reality show on SABC3, Tuesdays at 8pm. Visit and follow @SABC3TopBilling on Twitter.

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