kia johnson enjoying her pregnancy

Kia Johnson, The Expresso Show Pregnant 01

Over the moon about having a baby girl, The Expresso Show‘s Kia Johnson is enjoying her first pregnancy and looking radiant. With her little baby kicking and moving around in her tummy at 28 weeks, Kia keeps to a controlled diet and ensures that she eats at regular intervals to offset nausea. She also works out to keep fit, but is cautious not to overexert herself. As a presenter on a breakfast show, Kia’s little one, who’s name is not yet decided, tends to be awake at the time of the show and is usually kicking and moving around. This is both an emotional and exciting time for Kia Johnson, as she ventures into new community projects which will be revealed in due time and as she brings her bundle of joy into the world. “I’m getting very emotional at times bursting into tears as my hormones are going a little crazy and the anticipation of bringing this life into the world has me aware of so many things in the world. When I think of these things I fill up with fear for my daughter, hoping I can protect her as much as possible.  I also wonder what she’s going to think of me as her mother” says Johnson.

Kia Johnson, The Expresso Show Pregnant 02

Follow Kia Johnson on Twitter and Facebook for pregnancy updates and feel free to share your pregnancy experiences with her. Catch Kia on The Expresso show weekday mornings at 5:30am on SABC3.

More photos at JustForTheNostalgia on Facebook.

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