a louis vuitton circus

Louis Vuitton Circus 01

Beautiful Elephants, Monkeys, Seals and even a Polar Bear fills the stage in Louis Vuitton‘s latest Christmas Brochure and window displays worldwide. In Mid-November the curtains rose as Louis Vuitton unveiled their Circus themed holiday theme, photographed in Paris by Toby McFarlan Pond.

Louis Vuitton Circus 02

At center stage, the Louis Vuitton Cape Town Christmas Event held last night was filled with circus themed installations, complete with diamond patterns that alluded to circus clowns’ harlequin costumes that immersed the viewer in the whimsical fantasy.

Louis Vuitton Circus 03

Guests were treated to decadent Moët & Chandon Champagne and light nibbles as they perused the luxury collections on display, making final decisions on their latest luxury purchase.

Louis Vuitton Circus 04

Just moments after arriving, sipping on a glass of champagne, I noticed on display the beautiful Monogram Rayure Neverful bag, unveiled earlier this month, suiting the setting elegantly. Also recently introduced is MonMonogram for a selection of Small Leather Goods, including diaries, ladies and men’s wallets and passport holders.

Louis Vuitton Circus 05

As a keepsake, guests were invited to have their photograph taken with a whimsical circus themed backdrop while entertained by a Jester poised to add the cherry on top of the festivities. A spectacular event, delighting all who attended. For more about their latest collections go to Louis Vuitton.

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