looking for love

“We’re vulnerable, we’re sensitive and we’re complicated people too. So many people rolled into one. We contain so much. So much creativity, so much energy, so many contradictions, so much confusion, so much clarity, so many moments of faith… and fear. So many different characters live within us… all looking for love.” – J.Jackson

(Photographed: Nadine R. Arendse)

Nadine R. Arendse | Looking For LoveNadine R. Arendse | Looking For Love

One Comment to “looking for love”

  1. We love the little complementary blog post with the images, It certainly seems that these adjectives best describe Nadine R. Arendse’s pensive mood/thoughts and personality all rolled into one. Looking forward to more posts [said with friendly raised tone] :-)& cheers from ovacoffee.

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